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Canned Soups, Canned vegetables

Edgell Mushrooms Sliced 220g
$2.55 each $11.59 per kg
Edgell Corn Kernels Value 125g
$1.49 each $11.92 per kg
Edgell Diced Capsicum 125g
$1.60 each $12.80 per kg
Always Fresh Green Asparagus In Spring Water 340g
$5.60 each $16.47 per kg
Always Fresh Marinated Asparagus 340g
$5.60 each $16.47 per kg
Continental Deb Instant Mashed Potato 350g
$6.00 each $17.14 per kg
Deb Instant Mashed Potato Plain 115g
$2.39 each $20.78 per kg
Deb Instant Mashed Potato with Onion 115g
$2.39 each $20.78 per kg
Continental Surprise Peas Dried Vegetables Garden Peas 100g
was $4.65 $3.95 each $39.50 per kg
Edgell Super Sweet Corn Kernels Value Pack 4 x 125g
$5.60 each $44.80 per kg
Spiral Org Tomato Paste 300g
$7.19 each
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