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Due to a higher then expected demand and short term stock shortages we may not be able to supply your order in full. If you have allowed substitutions we will do our best to add a similar product if one is available. We may also need to limit the quantity of some products to suit availability. We are working with our suppliers to rectify this issue as soon as possible. We thank you for your ongoing support and patience

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114 Gilbert Street, LATROBE
Tas, Australia • 7307

0364265000 |

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Dear Valued Customers,
We understand the community concern regarding COVID-19 and we are introducing measures to make it as safe as possible for you to shop online

We are now offering contactless delivery. This means that as a standard our delivery drivers won't enter your home unless you specifically request them to. If you require extra assistance with your order please leave a note at the checkout. 

We are currently experiencing high demand for certain products in our stores. To ensure that customers have access to these products we have introduced limits on some lines. Please note that quantities may be adjusted when we are packing your order to comply with these limits.

Rest assured that we are working with suppliers and transport services to try to keep as many items available as possible. We would encourage you to consider the "allow substitutions" option for your online order as this will enable us to provide you with a similar product (if available) in the event that the product you have selected is out of stock. Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.