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Canned Soups, Canned vegetables

Edgell Sliced Green Beans 410g
$2.00 each $4.88 per kg
Biofood Organic Borlotti 400g
$2.00 each $0.50 per 100g
Spc Crushed Tomatoes 400g
$1.95 each $4.76 per kg
Community Co Italian Diced Tomatoes 400g
$1.90 each $4.75 per kg
Edg Corn Kernels Whole 300g
$1.70 each $5.67 per kg
Valcom Water Chestnuts Sliced 227g
was $1.75 $1.65 each $7.27 per kg
Edgell Diced Capsicum 125g
$1.60 each $12.80 per kg
Edgell Corn Kernels Value 125g
$1.49 each $11.92 per kg
Black And Gold Champignon Pieces / Stems 184g
$1.30 each $7.07 per kg
Black N Gold Mushroom Whole 184g
$1.25 each $6.79 per kg
Black & Gold Tomatoes Chopped 400g
$1.10 each $2.75 per kg
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