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Lucky Dog Bones Mini Bf/Bcn 800gm

$7.80 each $0.98 per 100g


PURINA® LUCKY DOG® Minis Biscuits Beef & Bacon Flavour is sure to induce lots of tail-wagging with its tasty, meaty flavour. Not just a good treat for learning a new trick, these biscuits are also oven baked with a crunchy texture that's designed to clean teeth and reduce tartar. Made with wholesome ingredients, PURINA® LUCKY DOG® have been keeping dogs' tails wagging since 1963.


Wholegrain Cereals and/or By-Products, Natural Flavour and/or Meat and Animal By-Products and Fats (Derived from Beef and/or Sheep and/or Poultry and/or Goat and/or Venison), Salt and/or Emulsifier, and/or Colour.

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