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Ant Rid Ant Killer 50ml

$6.00 each $12.00 per 100ml
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Combat Ant-Rid Indoor Ant Liquid indoor ant liquid.

- Kills the queen & destroys the nest 

- No need for you to find the nest

- Trusted formula since 1929

- Easy to use method

- Effective control of common Brown & Black Australia Ants

How Ant-Rid works: 

Ant-Rid has a unique delayed action formula with special sweet based attractant to lure foraging worker ants to the liquid. Initially, ant activity may increase but this will ease as worker ants take the liquid back to the nest passing it on, destroying the queen and nest. Ant-Rid works best indoors. However, success can be achieved outdoors by shielding Ant-Rid from sun and breeze, which can cause skin to form. 

- Ant eats bait.

- Takes food back & infects the ants

- Kills the queen & destroys the nest


Refer to www.henkel.com.au for full information.